Swift Racing Drone

Redefine RTF Racing

Swift 2 is fully assembled and 100% RTF (ready to fly), right out of box with paired RC transmitter, 2 batteries, all necessary kits and tools for maintenance.The FPV system has been well set up and the flight parameters pre-tuned by experienced pilots for the most wanted racing performance.There really is no need to adjust the PID at all, just connect the battery, and fly! In Self-level mode, even a beginner can take full control of Swift 2 in his first attempt due to its outstanding self-stabilization. Added with great agility, it is one of the best racer for FPV freestyle.

Punch the Air at 150 km/h

Fitted with a 4S battery, the max flight speed is up to 150 km/h (94 mph), 0-100 km/h in just 3 seconds in Rate mode.

Swift 2 is super light, ultra simple, with near perfect aerodynamics and excellent maneuverability.

Racing-level #2205 2300KV motors, 25A ESC (Supporting a Peak at 40A) with 3 bladed propellers providing tremendous power to the 220mm sized quadcopter.

Ground Breaking Modular Design

The flight controller, ESC, transmitter and PCB are all integrated inside the box frame. The wiring is neatly laid out. All electronics are fully modular, and replaceable separately for ease of maintenance and DIY. Replacement of Swift 2 requires loosening and re-tightening a few screws and soldering – that’s all!

The 3.5mm 3K pure carbon fibre frame ( without additives or impurities), which is 3 to 5 times stronger than normal ones. The motors are further protected by landing guards.
The camera lens is surrounded with steel tubing.
The ESC is fitted within the main box frame, to avoid any external damage.
Swift 2 is often able to fly even after several hard crashes on the ground.

Push the Time Limit

Light weight, with low air resistance, the 3S 2600mAh LiPo battery pushes the flight time up to 15 minutes, which is 30-40% longer than other racers.

Dedicated FPV Camera

The 800TVL CMOS FPV camera sends a sharp and crisp video feed to your screen, or FPV goggles with zero delay. The built-in camera lens is adjustable, and gives 120° field of view. The F2.5 aperture enables the camera to record with great details, even against sunlight, or in shadowed areas, enabling the timely avoidance of obstacles in the flight path.

Reliable Video Connection

All-new design - 5.8G video transmitter, supporting 25mw/200mw/400mw outputs.

Easy to adjust channels, with stable real time video feedback.

Streamlined and quickly changeable 5.8G mushroom antenna, which reduces air drag and enables a greater transmission range of up to 800m.
A touch screen RC transmitter is compact and clean with seamless handling and quick response. It is built based on a great number of pilots' experiences.
The OSD and rear LEDs can be turned off on the transmitter, to conserve aircraft power, enabling longer flying time.

It is easy to find your lost drone with buzzer alarm by pressing either of the buttons on the rear of the transmitter.Arming or disarming the motors is now triggered with a switch, which allows for quicker launch and prevents unsolicited harm.

The built-in LCD touch screen replaces buttons and toggle switches normally used for setting the controller.The OSD communicates with the flight controller, making it super easy to change flight parameters, via the RC transmitter instead of coupling to a computer.

High Quality Electronics

The Swift 2 is equipped with the top end ESCs that deliver the power and outstanding agility in reaction to controller's command.

The PCB provides high conductivity with gold plating for longer life.All electronics are self-developed and of in-house design, with scrupulous quality control, and with excellent warranty.The key parts are treated with water-resistant coating enabling flights in moist environments like landing and taking off on damp grass, or in the snow.

The result is reducing maintenance or replacement costs.

Racing Meets Filming

Swift 2 is more than an RTF racer. The supplied camera mount is able to attach a Gopro or Runcam on the frame, giving pilots possibilities to record high resolution video of their breathtaking freestyle racing in cool and sophisticated fields.The mount can also be tilt to the most ideal filming angle during speed forwarding.

Vaspba RPS & SwellPro UK

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