SD3+ Troll Safe

SD3+ Troll Safe

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Trolling and safety bait release.

An adjustable tension release system for SwellPro Splashdrone 3+ or any of our payload release systems.

TrollSafe can be mounted directly onto the Splashdrone 3+ or a payload release (PL3) to do surf fishing. As a safety mechanism TrollSafe protects your drone in case of a line jam or if your payload or line gets hit by a bird or a wave. With TrollSafe you can also safely use your drone for trolling baits or lures in target locations - confident that the line will release if you get a strike.

TrollSafe can also be used as drone trolling and emergency line release system.

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Trolling With A Drone

Size 44mmx24mmx14mm Weight 16 Grams Release Tension ~500grams - 8000grams