Fishing Drone 1

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Waterproof Fishing Drone FD1
Overview Fisherman Drone The Swellpro Fisherman is the only waterproof fishing drone engineered to deliver...
FPV Goggles GL1
Overview The optional Swellpro FPV goggles can be used as a display screen or on-face...
PL2-F Payload Release System
Overview Payload release with an angle-adjustable camera for real-time vision. With the optional FPV goggles,...
FB1 Battery
Overview A new 6700mAh/4S high-voltage lithium battery for the Fisherman Drone. Provides up to 33...
FD1 Car Charger
Overview Charge FB1 battery via Car Battery
FD1 Backpack
Overview Backpack for the Fisherman Drone. Make transporting your drone easier.  
PL1-F Payload Release System
Overview The PL1-F payload release turns the Fisherman Drone into an aerial bait dropping system...
Quick Release Carbon Fiber Propellers
Overview 12 Inch  Quick release carbon fiber propellers x1 pair 1. Quick to release, quick...