Spry+ Acro Waterproof Sports Drone

Spry+ Acro Waterproof Sports Drone

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Waterproof Aircraft

Please note this is the acro version of the Spry+ for experienced flyers only.
Warranty does not cover flights whilst in ACRO mode

100% Waterproof IP67 Rated

The Spry drone is engineered to be waterproof and buoyant. Purpose-built for action in the harsh marine environment with specially coated motors and corrosion resistant materials throughout. Land and take off from the water with total peace of mind.

Compact & Portable

The Spry is compact, rugged and ready to join you on the water. The Spry comes complete with a custom, lightweight carry case so it’s easy to take with you on your next adventure.

High Agility

The Spry is designed from the ground up to achieve a new compact shape, which is streamlined for reduced drag and turbulence as well as being tough.

High-thrust motors and high-power ESCs push the speed limit of the Spry to over 65 KM/H in manual mode, easily take off from water, perform 3D flips and even dive briefly underwater.

The Spry + drone is a dynamic drone for filming Boating, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Jet-skiing, Kayaking and Water skiing from a whole new perspective.

Easy to Fly

Fast, waterproof but easy and fun to fly. Fly in GPS mode for automatic hover and hold control or switch to ATTI flight mode for a more direct piloting experience. Circle mode automatically keeps the drone facing a central point as it orbits.

The Science of Design

Aerodynamic Frame

The Spry is designed from the ground up to achieve a new compact shape which is streamlined for reduced drag and turbulence.

 Aerodynamic Waterproof Follow Me Drone

Heat Dissipation

An array of aluminum heatsinks keeps your hot new drone cool by dissipating heat to the outside of the sealed frame.

 Heat Dissipation Waterproof Drone

Landing Bumpers

Four rubber bumpers absorb vibrations when the Spry lands on the ground.

 Waterproof Drone With Landing Bumpers

Hatch Lid

Swellpro's exclusively designed hatch ventilates the airframe while preventing water entry. The lid’s design also prevents water on the skin of the drone from entering the fuselage when the lid is opened.

 Hatch Lid Waterproof Drone

External Switch ON/OFF

An external waterproof switch allows you to power on or off the spry without opening the hatch lid.

 External Power Switch Waterproof Drone

Fly Small, Dream Big

Download User Manual

Please note this is not a toy and we cannot sell to under 16's.

First-ever Waterproof Remote Controller

Relax and enjoy total freedom while filming, as your Spry remote controller can be used in the rain, sea spray and even dunked shortly in the water. The joysticks, built-in live monitor and all buttons are protected against spray and still work smoothly and precisely.

Spry Acro Controller

The Spry+ Acro remote controller is a waterproof remote controller with integrated FPV screen and racing-mode throttle for precise pilot control.

With the advanced ACRO mode firmware loaded onto the Spry, the Acro remote controller greatly enhances the control experience for a more absolute feel.

For most consumer drones, the throttle is spring-loaded to return to the centre hover position. With the Spry+ Acro controller the throttle will remain wherever the pilot likes – just like a racing drone. This allows the pilot to more accurately control the drone’s attitude and response for a smoother, more exciting flying or filming experience. 


In non-Acro flight modes, the drone will behave much like it would with the standard remote controller, with the following exceptions:


  1. To hover in place, the pilot will need to feather the throttle to the centre position until the drone maintains the desired height. The Throttle value is displayed at the top right of the controller screen (THR). Set the THR value to 50. 


  1. In Follow mode, as the height of the aircraft is managed by the drone, the throttle is not active.


  1. In Circle mode, the aircraft altitude can be controlled by the throttle.


  1. In Return mode, the throttle will affect the altitude of the drone during the return flight. The drone can only descend to land automatically at the home point if the throttle is in the centre position (THR:50).


  1. Before controlling the drone with the mobile APP, the aircraft must be in GPS mode with the throttle stick centred (THR:50).


  1. In APP control mode, if any joystick is moved the aircraft will immediately exit the current app control state and control returns to the remote controller.


  1. In APP mode, to perform One-Key take-off, the throttle joystick must be centred. If the throttle is lower than the centre position, the aircraft will only unlocked/arm – One-Key take-off is not performed. 

If the throttle is higher than the centre position and One-Key take-off is performed, the aircraft will unlock and will continue to rise until the throttle is returned to the hover position.

ACRO Firmware Installed

ACRO firmware is designed exclusively for very experienced acrobatic pilots ONLY.  Its functions are NOT described in the SPRY+ Operation Manual.

ACRO firmware significantly changes the behaviour of the SPRY+ drone. 

Three flight modes are accessible from the remote controller during flight. 

  • GPS flight mode – safest flight mode with good GPS coverage. This mode is the same as the standard firmware
    • Hands-free hovering
    • Return Home
    • Follow-Me

  • BALANCED flight mode – best mode for smooth photographic flights
    • No automatic hover
    • High speed flight and control
    • Spry+ will drift with any wind and inertia
    • Spry+ will not stop when joysticks are released
    • Spry+ will maintain aircraft attitude to prevent flipping
    • Similar to ATTI mode without height control
    • Selected by switching Flight Mode switch to Circle mode

  • ACRO flight mode – for VERY ADVANCED PILOTS ONLY
    In this mode, the aircraft's gyroscopes, GPS, barometers and other sensors are not used to stabilize flight. The aircraft is in full manual control. Flight speed and flight attitude are directly controller by the pilot. In this mode, the aircraft will not hover unless the pilot maintains a balanced throttle. Flight speed will be particularly fast. The drone can do a variety of flips, including on the surface of the water and other acrobatic actions.
    • Acrobatic mode
    • No stability management, drone can be flipped in any direction
    • No hover, position or orientation hold
    • Maximum-speed flight
    • Direct pilot control of all drone functions
    • Warranty does NOT cover flights in ACRO mode!
    • Selected by switching Flight Mode switch to ATTI mode


  1. Flights in ACRO mode are not covered by warranty, regardless of the cause of damage.
  2. Pilots must be experienced and exercise extreme caution when choosing ACRO mode.
  3. Always seek training before flying in ACRO mode.
  4. It is best to practice ACRO flying over water where you can retrieve the drone if necessary.
  5. Do not fly in ACRO mode near people
  6. Always be prepared to quickly change to BALANCED or GPS Flight Mode to stabilise the drone.
  7. After flying in ACRO mode, always switch to BALANCED Flight Mode for at least 30 seconds before engaging GPS Flight Mode. 
  8. If the remote controller loses signal to the aircraft in ACRO or Balance mode, it is recommended to immediately return to GPS mode so that when control is regained, the aircraft will hover.

Flight Skills for ACRO flight mode

  1. The Spry+ is waterproof, but it is not designed to be crashed into the water. Flying or performing tricks which result in the drone dropping into the water from higher than a few meters will damage the drone or smash the glass dome and allow ingress of water and complete failure of the electronics which is not covered by warranty.

  1. Intense flying in ACRO flight mode or a crash into the water can temporarily affect the accuracy of the gyroscope. After flying intensively or performing acrobatics in Balanced or ACRO mode, for best results fly in a stable manner for 3-5 seconds before engaging GPS mode to allow the gyroscope to stabilize. If the aircraft remains unstable in GPS mode:
  • return to Balanced mode
  • land the aircraft
  • Switch the aircraft OFF then ON again
  • Perform the gyroscope calibration twice
  1. When flying in ACRO or Balanced mode, if you need to stabilize the flight of the aircraft or lose your sense of the aircraft's direction, switch to GPS mode to hover the aircraft and regain control.
  2. To determine the orientation of the aircraft to the pilot, learn to use the two direction icons on the remote controller display.  When the two arrows [4] and [9] are pointing in the same direction, the nose of the drone is facing the pilot. 

Acro Drone

Alternatively, you can activate the automatic return mode to re-orient the drone to face the Home point. Press and briefly hold the Return Home switch on the remote controller. The drone will rise up to 30 meters and then turn to face the pilot before starting its return flight. At this time, the return mode can be cancelled by pressing and holding the Return Home key again.

  1. The effective control distance of the aircraft over water is directly related to the altitude of the remote controller. The higher the remote controller is above the water surface, the further the control distance. As an example, with the remote controller 2.5 meters above the water, the effective control distance will be approximately 250 meters.
  2. As the flight mode switch on the remote controller changes functions with ACRO firmware, it is recommended to affix labels to the remote controller to ensure that the correct flight mode is used.


Get the Big Picture

Adventure in 4K

Being small doesn't mean you have to compromise image quality. The Spry’s onboard camera utilizes a Sony 1/2.3'' CMOS sensor paired with a lens that minimizes fisheye distortion for natural looking images.

With the Spry, record stunning 4K video at 30 frames per second and a max bit rate of 64mbps, or take crisp 12MP photos.

 Waterproof Drone Camera UK


The Spry combines a vertical axis mechanical gimbal with electronic image stabilization to provide smooth and fluid video capture. Your action footage will look good straight out of the camera – ready for sharing.

Drone Camera Image Stabilization

Camera Dome

The Spry‘s 4K camera is completely enclosed in an optically-engineered glass dome to provide high transparency without distortion. A specially designed shade surrounding the dome filters out excessive glare to balance the harsh highlights often found on the water and snow.

Smart Features

Follow Me

The latest movement algorithms are built-in to make the auto follow-me function smarter and more sensitive. Spry will follow you at a set distance and height - whether you are moving forward or backward, leading or chasing. The camera always keeps you in the frame - no matter where your next move is. Achieve awesome footage single-handed.

Follow Me Waterproof Drone Jetski

Follow Orbit

Just flick a switch and the Spry will change from follow to orbit mode, smoothly capturing a 360-degree orbital pan of the action. Track a moving subject and change between follow and orbit for slick action videos.

Two orbits mode allow you to capture the action from all angles.  Choose the radius and speed of orbit and the Spry will track around a point of interest. Turn on Follow Me mode and the Spry will keep the remote controller’s position in the middle of its circle - even if it is moving.

Orbit Drone Waterproof Yacht

Return to Boat

When you’re out on the water, you need a drone that keeps up with you. Most drones will return to their launch point if they lose reception. When the Spry flies out of range or you want it to return to you, the drone will automatically return to the position of the remote controller – wherever you are. With our "Return to Me" feature, your Spry will return to you even on a moving boat.

Drone That Returns To Controller


In this mode, the aircraft's gyroscopes, GPS, barometers and other sensors are not used to stabilize flight. The aircraft is in full manual control. Flight speed and flight attitude are directly controller by the pilot. In this mode, the aircraft will not hover unless the pilot maintains a balanced throttle. Flight speed will be particularly fast. The drone can do a variety of flips, including on the surface of the water and other acrobatic actions.

Enhanced Controls

Even more smart features are available by pairing your mobile device to the remote controller with the Spry APP control.


  • One Key Launch                           
  • Autonomous Navigation                                       
  • Tap-to-Fly            
  • Orbit Flights                                                            
  • Auto-Return

High-thrust motors and high-power ESCs push the speed limit of the Spry to over 40 MPH in manual mode.

The Spry drone is a perfect filming tool for

  • Boating                  
  • Surfing Wakeboarding               
  • Jet-skiing Kayaking Water skiing


  • Aircraft Waterproof Level: IP67
  • Diameter (motor to motor): 270mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 233.5 x 249 x 90mm
  • Weight: 780g (with battery)
  • Propulsion Motors: Brushless 2206 1420KV
  • Motor Control ESC: 30A
  • Propellers: #6045
  • Aircraft Battery: 3S 2800mAh HiLV
  • Battery Weight: 222g
  • Charging Time: 90 Minutes
  • Video Transmitter: 5.8G 8CH
  • Video Transmission Power: 200mW
  • Flight Time: 15~17 mins
  • Max Flying Range: 800m
  • Max Flying Altitude: 200m
  • Max Flying Speed: 18m/s (65 km/h)
  • Max Climbing Speed: 4m/s (240m/min)
  • Max Following Speed: 10m/s (36 km/h)
  • Spatial Positioning System: Dual Satellites - GPS/GLONASS
  • Hovering Precision: ±0.5m
  • Wind Resistance: < 10m/s
  • Working Temperature: -10C°~ 40C°
  • Proprietary Flight Controller: Yes
  • OSD integrated (On Screen Display): Yes
  • Mobile APP control: Yes
  • Flight modes: Auto-take off, Auto-hover, Follow me, Return to remote controller location, Orbit fly, tap fly, Autonomous navigation

Remote Controller

  • Waterproof Level: IP67 (float on water)
  • Weight: 560g (including battery)
  • Frequency Band: 2405 ~ 2475HM
  • Number of Channels: 8ch
  • Controlling Range: 0.8 KM
  • Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER): -105dbm
  • Working Current: 120 mA
  • Battery Capacity: Built in 2S 2000mAh LiPo
  • Working hour: 2hours
  • Charging Time: 90 Minutes

FPV Monitor

  • Frequency Band: 5645 ~ 5965HMZ
  • Screen Size: 4.3 inch
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels
  • Brightness: 600 cd/m²


  • Image Sensor: SONY 1/2.3” CMOS, 1200M
  • Lens: F4.53mm f/2.65
  • FOV: 92.6°
  • ISO Range: 100-1600
  • Photo Resolution: 12MP (16:9)
  • Video Resolution: 4K 30FPS (3840*2160) | 2.5K 60FPS (2560*1440) | 1080P 30/60/120FPS (1920*1080) | 720P 240FPS (1280*720)
  • Max Video Bitrate: 64mbps
  • Photo Format: JPEG
  • Video Format: MOV MP4
  • Storage: Class 10 high speed or UHS-1 Micro SD card and above specifications Micro SD card, maximum support 64GB

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