Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Version

Splash Drone 3 Fisherman Version

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1 x Splash Drone 3 aircraft

1 x set of quick detachable carbon fiber propellers

1 x FPV radio Controller

1 x set of landing gear

1 x Carry Case

1 x 5200mAh Battery

1 x Balance charger

1 x Waterproof payload release mechanism with HD FPV camera and manual 1 axis gimbal(PL2) or Waterproof payload release mechanism with 4K camera and remote controlled 1 axis gimbal(PL3 included in Fisherman + version)

Product Details

1. Splash drone 3 fisherman is fully waterproof, ready to work in both fresh and salt water, able to land and float on the water.

2. An FPV waterproof HD camera is incorporated into the release mechanism for live video transmission.

3. It is able to survive in all kinds of tough weathers, rain, snow, stormy, this drone will never fall short.

4. With 1kg payload capacity, Splash drone 3 is capable of carrying various items from life jackets in a SAR mode, to more than 10 hooks and baits at a time, conduct up to 50-60 drops for one battery if you use it for fishing.

5. Safe and precise release of under-slung equipment is possible by the FPV camera view and the flick of a switch on the remote controller. SAR items or fishing baits can be dropped in desired locations.

5. The Splash drone 3 has a quick-release system, which allows for faster swop of other equipment like the improved waterproof 2 axis, 4K camera or even the new thermal imagine cameras.(each sold separately)

7. The max flight range is more than 1 kilometer and flight time is up to 18 minutes, which enables delivery of items to many unreachable areas.

8. New 620kv motors and quick release durable carbon fiber propellers for more power supply.

9. The new Splash drone 3 remote controller is completely redesigned with a built-in FPV monitor for live video feed, extremely easy to use without any RC experience.

10. With the help of GPS and several sensors, Splash drone can precisely hover, automatically land or return to the take off point at the beach.

Note: the fisherman versions do not contain ground station for mobile APP control. The remote controlled 1 axis gimbal with 4K camera(PL3) is purchased separately for the basic Fisherman version. Select the option you want.

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