Aero Ping - Drone Tracking, Transponder & E-Identification

Aero Ping is an electronic identification and location device that will encourage drone operators to be responsible and help integrate drones into our skies alongside other aircraft.

The device is small and lightweight and attaches to any drone with strong adhesive strips. It sends out information about your drone and a highly accurate GPS position to other airmen.

Authorities, Air Traffic Managers & even the General Public can watch and follow the drone flights alongside manned aircraft on a variety of different applications.

We recommend Aero Tracker which is a complete solution for identification and tracking beside other forms of aviation in their area of responsibility. This will also provide reassurance, real time information and flight logs for drone operators. When another aircraft is detected inside a predefined area alerts and notifications are displayed on the interface and can be sent to a device such as a mobile phone or smart watch.

In the UK all aircraft will be required to have remote tracking identification in the not so distant future.