Splashdrone 4

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GC3-T 4K 3 Axis Gimbal Thermal Camera
Overview Swellpro's waterproof 3 axis thermal camera combines both a high resolution thermal infrared camera...
Waterproof Splash Drone 4
Overview The 5th Generation of the Swellpro Waterproof Drones has arrived - and it's better...
GC2-S 4K 2 Axis Low Light Gimbal Camera
Overview The new GC2-S night-vision camera comes with a dimmable spotlight that allows use even...
GC3-S 4K 3 Axis Gimbal Camera
Overview Capture smooth videos and crisp photos with the new, fully waterproof 4K camera stabilized...
Peli Case For SD4
Overview The inside can be configured to your needs. In the images you can see...
GC1 4K 1 Axis Gimbal Camera
Overview 1 Axis Gimbal Camera for the SD4. Pitch up and down. Download GC1-S User...
MRC Remote Controller
Overview Fully waterproof IP66-rated multifunction remote controller The SwellPro SD4 remote controller has been carefully...
IB4 Intelligent Battery
Overview Microprocessor Controlled Smart Drone Battery Each slide-in SD4 battery has its own integrated microprocessor...
FAC Fixed Angle Camera
Overview   Spec Sheet Fixed Angle Camera (FAC) Waterproof: IP67 Weight: Approx.85g Size: 45*44*40mm Image...
FFD Fish Finder
Overview The first and only wireless sonar fish finder that sends sonar images to its...
Car Charger
Overview Charge SD4 battery via Car Battery
Camera Lens Filters
Overview ND filter By reducing the amount of light that enters the SplashDrone 4’s camera,...