Drone Insurance

If you are flying recreationally we advise on purchasing your own insurance. If you are flying commercially insurance is required. You can purchase insurance for your Swellpro drone here:

Get An Insurance Quote For Your Drone

Various levels of both public and product liability insurance are available. You can insure your drone from one day to one year and everything in between.

New for old cover is available, with no restrictions on flying hours, number of drones in your fleet or number of operators in your company. 
You can operate your drone internationally and there is also an option to cover for hired-in (non-owned) equipment cover.
All policies are compliant with the EU regulation EC785/2004

SwellPro UK

We are the official UK distributors & european repair centre for the SwellPro range. All of your general and warranty repairs and servicing will be done within our own UK workshop. When needed we will also work closely with our workshop in China so you don't have to. All weather drones that are fully waterproof and buoyant, packed with new and exciting features. If you are interested in any of our waterproof drone services please see our drone services & consultancy website www.dolphindrones.co.uk