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Fisherman Max

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Our latest fishing drone is here! With a range of new features, 4k Camera, 3.2KG Bait Release, Dual Payload Release and dedicated mobile APP!

3.2KG Bait...
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If you order a drone we always ensure the firmware and calibrations are up to date and carry out a test flight before dispatch.

Although we endeavour to hit our one day dispatch target sometimes we will not be able to ship a drone as quickly as spare parts and accesssories.

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Our latest fishing drone is here! With a range of new features, 4k Camera, 3.2KG Bait Release, Dual Payload Release and dedicated mobile APP!

3.2KG Bait Capacity

The 16’’ propellers and 400 kv brushless motors provides up to 15 kg (33 lbs) thrust at a low rotating speed. The high horsepower motors allow the Fisherman Max to fly safely at the speed of 10 m/s while lifting 3.2 kg baits in GPS mode.

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4k Fish Scouting

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The Fisherman Advanced package comes with a 4K camera that can record high-clarity footage with enough detail for anglers to see the ocean wave and swells, and signs of fish. The camera can be tilted up and down with a 1-axis gimbal to broaden the field of view, allowing anglers to identify the direction of the aircraft and where the bait goes.

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IP67 Waterproof

Like other drones in the line, the aircraft of Fisherman Max is totally water-sealed. The aircraft can operate normally after being soaked in water at the depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. This includes sea water however we recommend rinsing your drone with fresh water thoroughly after use in sea water.

Level 6 Wind Resistance

In addition to bait lifting, the Fisherman Max has enough thrust to main its stability in wind speed of up to 40 mph (18m/s).

All In One Remote Control

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The Fisherman Max works with the same remote control of SplashDrone 3+, but now in a completely splash-proof and sand-proof shell. The game-console-style control has a built-in 5’’ LCD color display and everything you need for flying baits.

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Multi-Color Display

The inbuilt 5’’ color display can stream high definition video shot on the aircraft in real-time. By watching the display, anglers can determine the best spot and timing for releasing the bait, as well as the current flight status of the aircraft. There is no need to connect your phone to the drone.


The shell of Fisherman Max is made from industrial-grade ABS while the arms, propellers and landing gears are all made from carbon fiber to increase robustness.

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Despite the large size, the Fisherman Max can fold up its arms and easily fit into your fishing cart. Super easy to carry.

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1.5KM Casting Range

The Fisherman Max can interact with the remote control at a range of up to 1.5 km (1 mile). The dual antennas on both ends ensures reliable transmission of drone’s signal and video data at all times. This means anglers can access any fishing spot and target a wider options of fish based from the land.

Calibration Free

We’ve pre-tested and optimized the software of the Fisherman Max to adapt to magnetic fields anywhere in the world. Every drone is factory-calibrated and tested at our UK workshop and doesn’t require recalibration whenever you move to a new location. You can launch the drone faster than ever and won’t lose control of the drone wherever you are.

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Auto Fish

Available on the Fisherman’s APP, the Auto-Fish feature makes drone fishing even more effortless and efficient. When auto-fish is activated, Fisherman Max can automatically fly to your favorite fishing spots you’ve saved on the APP’s map and drop baits right on the spot.

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Floating Device
Auto Drop & Return
 Voice Alarm
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A self-inflating life buoy or 2 floating foams can be attached to the drone to ensure sufficient buoyancy in case of unexpected landing on the water.

The drone can automatically release bait and return to the take-off location when the battery reaches a low threshold or loss of signal occurs.

The remote control can alert you with voice messages to abnormal situations such as overloading, low-battery and weak GPS signals.

Spec Sheet
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Drone Weight(Including Battery: 8.3 lbs / 3.78kg
Size (Without Props):

Unfolded: 20*20*7.5 inch / 522*522*192 mm ;
Folded: 12*10.5*7.5 inch / 306*266*192 mm

Max Ascend Speed: 7 mph / 3 m/s
Max Descend Speed: 4.5 mph / 2 m/s
Max Flight Speed: ATTI: 45 mph / 20 m/s ; GPS: 22 mph / 10 m/s
Max Tilt Angle: 25°
Max Flight Altitude 1 mile / 1500 m
Max Flight Distance 1 mile / 1500 m
Max Image Transmission Distance: 0.7 Mile
Max Flight Time: 28 mins (no wind & no load)
Max Wind Speed Resistance 40 mph / 18 m/s / 35 knots
Max Payload Capacity: 3.2 kg
Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS/Galileo
Hovering Precision: ±1.6 feet / ±0.5 m
Motor: 4114 - 400Kv
ESC: 40A
Propeller: #1655 Carbon Fiber
Working Temperature: 14℉ ~ 104℉ / -10℃ ~ 40℃
IP54 Rated Remote Control
Weight 1.56 lbs / 709 g
Size 11*7.5*3 inch / 276*190*74 mm
Frequency 2.405-2.475 GHz; 5.725 - 5.825 GHz
Working Time
4 hours
Charging Time
3 Hours
Power Input 5V/2A USB-C
Screen Size & Resolution
5 Inch - 800x480px
Transmitting Power (EIRP)
2.405-2.475GHz: <26 dBm (FCC), <20 dBm (CE)

Working Temperature:

14℉ ~ 104℉ / -10℃ ~ 40℃
Battery Type 3000mAh
Waterproof: IP67
Weight: 0.38 lbs / 176.5 g
Stabilization: 1-Axis (Tilt)
Tilt Range:
-90° to 0°
3.1*2.7*2.7 inch / 79*69*70 mm
Image Sensor:
Lens: F4.53mm f/2.65, FOV: 92.6
ISO Range: 100 - 3200
Shutter: 16 - 1/16000 s
Video Resolution: 4K:30fps | 2.7K:60fps | 1080P:120/60/30fps | 720P: 240/120/60fps
Photo Resolution: 4000*3000 (4:3), 3840*2160 (16:9)
Max Video Bitrate: 60 Mbps
Photo Format: JPEG / DNG (RAW)
Video Format: MP4  /MOV
Supported Memory Card: microSD card with a maximum capacity of 128GB, write speed ≥ 60 MB/s, recommend using Class 10 or above & UHS-1 rating
Working Temperature: 14℉ ~ 104℉ / -10℃ - 40°C



I enquired about the fishing drone and swellpro uk were very helpful
with all of my enquiries. When I finally purchased the FD1 it arrived
within a couple of days and I took it out straight away. I can now cast
my line out 500 metres and catch much bigger fish! I might purchase the
fish finder next

Russell McDonald
Stockport, UK

Excellent Drone
I bought the Splashdrone 4 to capture footage of me
and my family whilst out on our boat. The fact its waterproof means I no
longer have to worry if it goes in the water. I'll even drop it in the
water to get underwater footage and then fly it right back to the boat.
Excellent camera and can shoot RAW photos so I can really create some
brilliant pictures. Thanks Swellpro UK

Sean Leach

Returned my SD4 for a service and firmware update as was not
confident my computer was up to doing it properly
Check over in the workshop fully updated and tested very reasonable
Many thanks highly recommended thank you swell pro uk

Stephen Williams
United Kingdom

Cracked my Spry+ lens cover in a dodgy landing. Job stopped. Replacement arrived next day.
Excellent service. Thanks.

Davud Rainsbury
United Kingdom

Swellpro UK

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