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Start Selling Now - Our Range of Waterproof Drone Products. There is huge potential in helping market these unique products in a rapidly growing and exciting drone industry.


You'll be working directly with us, the UK distributor & european repair centre of the Swellpro brand and products. So no need to worry about unexpected import fees or communication issues with China.

Swellpro UK Repairs

Our dedicated UK Swellpro workshop means you also won't have to send yours or your customers drone back to China in the event of a fault or crash - We do everything in house here. Our workshop is always fully stocked, ready to handle repairs (& warranty repairs), replacements and upgrade packages (great to push to your earlier customers).

Our drones are not only 100% waterproof, so able to fly in the rain and take off from the water, but are bouyant too. Positively buyoant, so if you have a crash at sea the drone will rise back to the top and stay there. Even if the drone becomes inverted you can use the controls to flip it back around again.


As well as all of the above we will help you with marketing and sales promotions. All of the marketing material will be supplied to you and we will always do our best to support you.

Each purchased drone comes with everything needed to fly out of the box. It will come installed with the latest firmware, fully calbirated and test flown by us, before dispatch to you or your customer.

Pioneers of the waterproof drone the brand is still continually innovating, creating new products and improving current products. The waterproof drone market currently has very little competition - especially at this price point.

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