Fisherman Drone (FD3)
Fisherman Drone (FD3)
Fisherman Drone (FD3)
Fisherman Drone (FD3)
Fisherman Drone (FD3)

Fisherman Drone (FD3)

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The FD3 by SwellPro UK stands out as the ultimate user-friendly and dependable waterproof drone designed for...
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If you order a drone we always ensure the firmware and calibrations are up to date and carry out a test flight before dispatch.

Although we endeavour to hit our one day dispatch target sometimes we will not be able to ship a drone as quickly as spare parts and accesssories.

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The FD3 by SwellPro UK stands out as the ultimate user-friendly and dependable waterproof drone designed for fishing enthusiasts, search and rescue (SAR) operations, marine industry, and beyond.. It combines various benefits from its drone counterparts: the power efficiency seen in FD1, the user-friendly features reminiscent of SD4, and the heightened safety aspects found in Max. The FD3 is available in two versions: the advanced model boasts a 4K camera video system, while the basic version allocates its entire power to payload-carrying capabilities.

Swellpro Drone Shop

The FD3 fishing drone is a dependable choice for transporting payloads weighing up to 4.8 lbs or 2.2 kg in ocean environments. Its impressive lifting capacity is derived from a robust 6S battery with high voltage, powerful motors, and large carbon fiber propellers. Enhanced by new electronic speed controllers, the FD3 achieves an outstanding power-to-payload ratio, ensuring extended flight times for optimal performance.

Battery Life

The flight time of FD3 can range from 9 minutes to 27 minutes on a single battery charge, largely depending on the weight of baits you attach to the drone.

1 KG / 2.2 lbs ~ 14 minutes

2 KG / 4.4 lbs ~ 9 minutes


Upgraded Flight Controller

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  • Twice as fast as the S4.
  • Optimized algorithms for superior flight stability and altitude control.
  • Increased resilience to heat, interference, and vibration.
  • Enhanced real-time data feedback for interactive and secure control
  • The innovative S5 flight controller propels the FD3 to achieve unprecedented levels of performance in fishing drones.


The S5 can automatically calibrate the flight sensors and eliminate magnetic interference to ensure an accurate and reliable flight performance in different locations.

Wherever you go - You don’t need to calibrate the FD3

The S5 is fine-tuned to increase stability and reduce pendulum effect while the drone is carrying a swaying payload

Auto-drop & Return
The Fisherman FD3 can automatically release the payload and fly back to the shore in case of a low battery or loss of signal.


GPS 9.0

The advanced 9th-gen GPS, in contrast to its predecessors, significantly enhances the FD3's flight capabilities by delivering precise positioning, navigation, and multiple safety features.

Higher Accuracy

Capable of connecting with up to 30 satellites, the FD3 guarantees accurate navigation and stable hovering at a fixed position.

Faster Acquisition

Benefiting from enhanced signal reception, the FD3 swiftly acquires satellites, minimizing the time needed to unlock its motors.

Multi Satellite

FD3 can access multiple satellite systems including GPS, GlONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou for better signal quality and accuracy.

Interference Free

Advanced signal processing technology is implemented in the GPS receiver to filter out interference and noise.

IP67 Rated Aircraft

The FD3 aircraft is completely sealed, undergoing air-pressure and dunk tests to ensure absolute waterproofing. Its fuselage is crafted from marine-grade ABS to enhance durability and withstand substantial water pressure.

Corrosion Free

The FD3's waterproof motors, payload release mechanism, and internal electronics are all treated with a corrosion-resistant coating, providing an additional layer of defense against the corrosive effects of salty air above the ocean.

Self Floating Design

Unlike the FD2 we designed the FD3 with sufficient buoyancy integrated into the aircraft, enabling the drone to stay afloat upon landing on the water. Following this, you can control its takeoff from the water and guide it back to dry land.

Self Right In Water Flip

In the event of an accidental capsizing in the water, the FD3 allows you to utilize the joysticks to restore it to its upright position and take off swiftly.

Level 7 Wind Resistance

The robust propulsion system and GPS 9.0 enable the FD3 to sustain a steady position and attitude even in winds of up to 20 m/s (38 mph).


 Swellpro Drone Shop

Slide In Battery

Battery replacement is incredibly straightforward. Just open the hatch door, slide the battery into the compartment, press the power button, and you're ready to proceed! The hatch door is fully waterproof, featuring a rubber seal when securely closed.

Screw On Propellers

The threaded propeller mount facilitates effortless installation and prevents the propellers from detaching during high-thrust scenarios when the FD3's motors are spinning rapidly.

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Remote Controller

The FD3's remote controller boasts a stylish game-console design for optimal comfort. Its clean interface features well-labeled buttons for intuitive control, and pilots can depend on on-screen telemetry, video feedback, and voice alerts for real-time situational awareness. The splash-proof and sand-proof body ensures the remote controller's resilience on the beach, emphasizing the need for precision when operating the FD3

 Swellpro Drone Shop Swellpro Drone Shop


The sophisticated remote controller is equipped with a built-in multi-color display capable of showcasing the drone's live footage in 720P.


The standard remote controller features a built-in monochrome display exclusively dedicated to displaying flight telemetry.


4K Stabilised Camera

The advanced version of FD3 is equipped with a stabilized 4K camera capable of capturing high-detail photos and videos. Pilots can adjust the camera angle using the remote controller, expanding their field of view. When fishing the clear aerial video feedback allows anglers on land not only to observe reefs and rocks but also to identify fish in the water, providing valuable insights on when and where to deploy baits.

Mobile App

The FDFly APP enable several autopilot features on the FD3. That makes it even easier for users who have no piloting experiences to fly payloads out.

Swellpro Drone Shop

Swellpro Drone Shop

1 Mile/1.5km Range

The Fisherman FD3 boasts an operational range of up to 1.6 km (1 mile). Dual rotatable antennas improve signal transmission in various directions, minimizing the risk of signal loss when the drone is flying near the water. This enables land-based anglers to effortlessly cast lines over long distances and deploy baits in remote locations. With SwellPro UK, casting baits or delivering payloads is completely hassle-free and significantly more time-efficient compared to using a boat or kayak.

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I enquired about the fishing drone and swellpro uk were very helpful
with all of my enquiries. When I finally purchased the FD1 it arrived
within a couple of days and I took it out straight away. I can now cast
my line out 500 metres and catch much bigger fish! I might purchase the
fish finder next

Russell McDonald
Stockport, UK

Excellent Drone
I bought the Splashdrone 4 to capture footage of me
and my family whilst out on our boat. The fact its waterproof means I no
longer have to worry if it goes in the water. I'll even drop it in the
water to get underwater footage and then fly it right back to the boat.
Excellent camera and can shoot RAW photos so I can really create some
brilliant pictures. Thanks Swellpro UK

Sean Leach

Returned my SD4 for a service and firmware update as was not
confident my computer was up to doing it properly
Check over in the workshop fully updated and tested very reasonable
Many thanks highly recommended thank you swell pro uk

Stephen Williams
United Kingdom

Cracked my Spry+ lens cover in a dodgy landing. Job stopped. Replacement arrived next day.
Excellent service. Thanks.

Davud Rainsbury
United Kingdom

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