Lifesaving Splashdrone 4

We spent a day on the beach down at Barry Island filming the Splashdrone 4 and demonstrating it's capabilities in search and rescue operations. The programme was shown on the popular short technology series BBC Click.

We attended with Eagle Eye Innovations who are supplying the drone training to the RLSS (Royal Life Saving Society) and their lifeguards.

Aswell as using the Splashdrone 4 to drop a buoyancy aid to someone in distress out at sea the SD4 and it's add-ons can be used in a variety of other different ways.

Use the drone and its APP to plan and carry out pre-set waypoint missions to conduct regular patrols across the beach, shoreline and sea.

Use the drones aerial advantage to send back live video to your device (like our waterproof tablet) of a much larger area and spot rip currents.

Megaphone  powerful sound of up to 120 decibels, ensuring the message can be heard by people up to 300 m away. Help lead rescue teams to the victim and offer remote support to the individual in need.

Sonar if the casualty is now fully submerged the sonar can scan underwater for the missing person.

Thermal Camera pair the drone and our top rated thermal camera for night time operations. As well as your low light night camera you now have a high resolution, highly sensitive thermal camera. This can provide both infrared and visible light imaging simultaneously. Use your thermal camera to identify objects of interest then switch to low light mode to improve visibility on the object and see more detail.