SD3+ New External Power Button

Splashdrone 3+ Power Button

Finally the Splashdrone series has an on/off switch fixed onto the outside of the drone. The button is fully waterproof, ensuring the drone keeps it's IP67 rating, and is found fixed onto the bottom portion at the rear of the drone.

As current users already know the battery was a tight fit. It was inconvenient and a little uncomfortable to have to undo the GPS cover everytime you needed to power off the drone, especially if you were just trying to save a little battery. Wet weather when opening to turn the drone off could also be a risky assignment.

Fisherman will also reap the rewards of this new feature. Often getting in 3 or 4 flights on one battery whilst fishing there is now no risk of sand or saltwater entering the drone whilst powering off the drone whilst switching bait.

This major upgrade comes less than one year after the intial launch of the SD3+. The impressive improvements Swellpro are regularly making to their drones is promising and the future certainly looks bright for Swellpro Technology, their dealers and users alike.