Drone Power 45K Charger Bank

Drone Power 45K Charger Bank

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Drone Power 45K

The World’s Largest Capacity Drone Power Bank

One Stone for All Birds

DronePower is a universal power bank for the most common 2S/3S/4S Lithium-technology drone batteries as well as DJI-series smart batteries and USB devices. It comes with dedicated charging cables for DJI Phantom 3/4, Mavic and Spark series. There are also outlets for batteries of other model aircraft and racing quadcopters.

Supercharge Your Creativity

The SwellPro DronePower 45K packs a huge 45,000mAh of charging capacity into a compact, convenient and intelligent power station to fast charge your drone batteries.

Add the world's highest capacity powerpack to your flying kit and enjoy up to 15 charges for your Mavic, 9 charges for your Phantom, or 8 charges of your Splash Drone without going near a power point.

Just like having a bag full of spare batteries!

Charge in a Flash

The intelligent, high power output of the DronePower 45K power bank enables you to fully charge a hobby lipo drone battery 50% faster than a standard mains charger.

Smart Management System and Overload Protection

Your batteries and your DronePower are protected against overcharging, over temperature and faults by the DronePower’s inbuilt intelligence.

The LCD display screen indicates the real-time status of the power station and the battery being charged. When the battery is fully charged, the DronePower will automatically stop the charge process to protect your precious lithium cells.

Anywhere, Anytime

The SwellPro DronePower 45K is by far the smallest and most lightweight power station for its capacity. Its ultra-portable design incorporates a convenient handle and a carrying case to get you mobile.

1x Power Bank

1x 18V/5A Power Adapter

1x Main Power Cable

1x Carry Case

Capacity: 45000mAh/666WH
DC Input: 18V/5A 18V/5A
Smart Battery Charging Output: 17.4VDC @3~8A
Standard Battery Output: 7.4~16.8VDC @3~8A
USB Output: 5VDC @3A
Dimension: 228x160x103mm
Weight: 7.9LBS/3.6 KG
DronePower Recharge Cycles: 500+
DronePower Recharge Time: Approx. 6 hours
DronePower Operation Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C