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Landing Pad

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High Quality: Waterproof nylon pad with double sided high-precision printings makes it durable and won’t have colour fade easily.

Mess Free: With spacious landing pads, you ca...
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If you order a drone we always ensure the firmware and calibrations are up to date and carry out a test flight before dispatch.

This means we will not be able to ship a drone as quickly as our spares and accesssories range.

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High Quality: Waterproof nylon pad with double sided high-precision printings makes it durable and won’t have colour fade easily.

Mess Free: With spacious landing pads, you can land your drone easily without deviation, also keep it clean on pad.

High Function: Reflective strips are used for night flying, which improves clear location for drone in darkness. 3 land nails fixed to the landing pad on the ground firmly helps the landing pad work perfectly in windy environments.

High Value: One pad with double printed sides(in Blue and Orange) makes you more options on different occasions. Also highlight the clear location of the landing place.

Large Capacity: Landing pad at 55cm/21.5in fits most drones.

SwellPro Landing Mats - Quality Landing Solutions for Drones

Superior Quality and Durability

Experience the pinnacle of durability with SwellPro's top-tier Landing Mats, designed to provide a robust landing surface for your drones. Our mats are meticulously crafted using high-quality, waterproof nylon materials to ensure they withstand the harsh elements of outdoor use. These mats are not only resilient against wear and tear but are also engineered for longevity. Each landing mat boasts double-sided, high-precision printings that exude a vivid and striking visual appeal. These fade-resistant prints are rigorously tested for colour retention, ensuring they remain vibrant and bold even after extensive use.

Precision Landings Made Effortless

SwellPro's Landing Mats redefine ease of use with their spacious and accommodating design. By offering a generous landing area, these mats allow for pinpoint precision in drone landings, eliminating deviation and ensuring your drone touches down exactly where you intend. This level of accuracy is indispensable for both novice and experienced drone pilots alike. Moreover, your drone is guaranteed to stay spotless, as it lands on the clean surface of the mat rather than on potentially dirty or uneven ground. Our landing mats are designed to ensure a mess-free, accurate, and controlled landing every time.

Exceptional Functionality and Versatility

SwellPro's Landing Mats are engineered with functionality at the forefront. These mats come equipped with reflective strips that greatly enhance visibility for night flying, a crucial feature for drone pilots who enjoy flying in low-light conditions. By improving the visibility of the landing area, these reflective strips help you clearly locate your drone in darkness, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience. In addition, each mat includes three sturdy ground nails, keeping the mat firmly anchored in windy conditions. These nails provide a stable and reliable landing surface, ensuring that the mat stays in place even in the most challenging environments.

Valuable and Adaptable Design

Our Landing Mats offer a two-in-one solution, with two distinct colours, blue and orange, printed on each side. This dual-colour design adds immense value by providing you with more options for different occasions and environments. Whether you prefer the calm, cool blue or the vibrant, eye-catching orange, our landing mats offer the versatility you need. The double-sided design not only offers a choice of colours but also clearly demarcates the landing area, making it easy to identify. The dual-colour design of our mats gives you two different looks in one high-quality, durable mat, maximising your investment and adding versatility to your drone flying experience.

Accommodating for Most Drones

SwellPro's Landing Mats are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of drone sizes. With dimensions of 55cm/21.5in, these mats are suitable for most drones available on the market, from smaller models to larger variants. By providing a generous landing area, these mats ensure that drones of all sizes are well-protected during landing. The Landing Mats act as a cushion, protecting the delicate components of your drone from potential damage caused by hard or uneven surfaces.

Easy Setup and Portability

SwellPro's Landing Mats are designed with convenience and portability in mind. Setting up your landing mat is a breeze, allowing you to quickly get your drone in the air. The mat effortlessly unfolds and can be anchored securely to the ground using the included ground nails. When you're done flying, the mat can be easily folded and packed away in the provided carrying case, ensuring hassle-free storage and transportation. The compact design and lightweight materials make it simple to carry the landing mat to your desired location, whether you're heading to a nearby park or travelling to a remote filming location. With SwellPro's Landing Mats, you'll always have a reliable landing surface at your fingertips, wherever your drone adventures take you.

Enhanced Drone Safety and Protection

SwellPro's Landing Mats not only make landing easier but also provide an additional layer of protection for your drone. The mat serves as a barrier between your drone and the ground, preventing direct contact with dirt, sand, grass, or other debris that could damage your drone or interfere with its sensors and cameras. By providing a clean and stable landing surface, our landing mats help minimise the risk of damage to your drone's propellers, motors, and other components. Additionally, using a landing mat reduces the wear and tear on your drone, extending its lifespan and ensuring optimal performance over time. With SwellPro's Landing Mats, you can fly confidently, knowing that your drone is protected during takeoff and landing.

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SwellPro's Landing Mats are a must-have accessory for drone enthusiasts, offering a range of benefits that enhance your drone flying experience. Their high-quality construction, precise landing capabilities, functional features, versatile design, compatibility with various drone sizes, easy setup, and enhanced drone protection make them an invaluable addition to your drone gear. Invest in a SwellPro Landing Mat today and experience the convenience, safety, and reliability that come with a premium landing surface for your drone. Elevate your drone adventures and protect your equipment with SwellPro's top-tier Landing Mats.



I enquired about the fishing drone and swellpro uk were very helpful
with all of my enquiries. When I finally purchased the FD1 it arrived
within a couple of days and I took it out straight away. I can now cast
my line out 500 metres and catch much bigger fish! I might purchase the
fish finder next

Russell McDonald
Stockport, UK

Excellent Drone
I bought the Splashdrone 4 to capture footage of me
and my family whilst out on our boat. The fact its waterproof means I no
longer have to worry if it goes in the water. I'll even drop it in the
water to get underwater footage and then fly it right back to the boat.
Excellent camera and can shoot RAW photos so I can really create some
brilliant pictures. Thanks Swellpro UK

Sean Leach

Returned my SD4 for a service and firmware update as was not
confident my computer was up to doing it properly
Check over in the workshop fully updated and tested very reasonable
Many thanks highly recommended thank you swell pro uk

Stephen Williams
United Kingdom

Cracked my Spry+ lens cover in a dodgy landing. Job stopped. Replacement arrived next day.
Excellent service. Thanks.

Davud Rainsbury
United Kingdom

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