Smart Battery Balance Charger

Smart Battery Balance Charger

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All in one smart battery balance charger for Splash Drones.Build in power adaptor, directly charge by the balancing lead, one key charge the battery, support 2S,3S and 4S Lipo battery, fast and stable.

The charger starts charging. The four LED will indicate the battery capacity:

1 LED light means battery capacity percentage is 25%,

2 LED lights: 50%,

3 LED lights: 75%,

4 LED lights means battery is fully charged.



AC Input Voltage:100V-240V

Charge Power:50W

Charge Current:4.0A

Balance Current:300mA

Lipo Battery Cell Count: 2 -4 Cells

Indication : 4xLED

Charge Mode :Balance Charge

Dimension : 98x98x36mm

Weight :278G

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