Underwater Smart Fishing Camera

Underwater Smart Fishing Camera

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Spydro Underwater Smart Fishing Camera

Spydro Contents

  • Spydro® 32GB
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Rubber weight holder
  • Weight bar
  • Floater
  • User Manual

Spydro Camera

Spydro is the first smart fishing camera that captures amazing HD footage from the tip of the line. Its perfect hydrodynamic behavior, advanced power management capabilities and intuitive hands-free operation truly empowers the fishing experience by revealing what’s going on underwater. Synced with our mobile-app it automatically creates a fishing diary available to analyze and share onsite. Stop guessing and start seeing with Spydro. Notable Features


  • Full HD with Ultra-wide Lens
  • Marine-grade by Design
  • Hands-free Operation
  • Ambient, Water-conditions Sensors
  • Auto-generated Fishing Diary
  • Advanced Stabilized Body
  • Night Vision
  • Bait & Squid Calling Light
  • Magnetic Charger



Ultimate Design

Spydro is marine-grade by design. Its sturdy structure and unique shape have an optimal hydrodynamic behavior in up to 450ft deep (~150m). Its high buoyancy factor allows Spydro™ to gently “float” without affecting the rig setup and feel. It really is that well-balanced.
Spydro keel can take up to 430lbs of weight (~200Kg), supporting most Angling styles and techniques; to name a few:
• Low/High-speed Trolling with attaching balancing weights that can be set to control the shooting angle and the drag in relation to the lure.
• Casting and Jigging
• Bottom fishing
• It can also be used for Ice-fishing, Spearfishing and Diving
A strong magnetic connector allows safe charging and easy USB connectivity with any PC and its gold coated pins are built for withstanding the harsh salt water conditions.

Fishing Catch Camera


Ease of Use

Spydro is a user-friendly and easy-to-use device. With its built-in SD card, it has no buttons and no caps. It is very simple to mount on the line and most of its core features are performed automatically, so it allows hands-free operation.


Included Sensors

Water Sensor – Spydro is automatically turned ON when it touches the water and automatically turns OFF 3 minutes after it has gone out (it can be set manually to remain ON also in dry conditions).
Strike Detection – Spydro has an accelerometer deployed with a unique algorithm to accurately distinguish between regular movement of water (waves, shakes and bounces) and real fish strikes.
Temperature, Salinity and Turbidity Sensors – Spydro constantly records the fishing water conditions and logs it with each recorded video.
Ambient Light Sensor – Spydro will automatically turn the two front LEDs ON in accordance with the ambient light conditions. It can also be used as a flashlight on site while preparing your rig.


Advanced Power Management

Spydro is equipped with an advanced, ultra-light LiPo battery that can last 3.5 hours of continuous recording. Once submerged, Spydro will shut OFF its WiFi automatically, to maximize the battery efficiency and extend its recording duration.
Spydro was designed bottom-up to allow maximum configuration flexibility; it consists of 2 x CPUs that can be easily customized (upon specific request) to allow much higher battery efficiency (e.g. waking the camera up for 20 seconds only when a strike occurs; or waking the camera up for 5 minutes every day at predefined hours; etc.). Whatever your fishing style and/or application is – we can tweak the Spydro to support it.


Features Rich

Spydro is an innovative fishing device, constantly being developed with new features:
Signaling Light – Used to indicate different device states like current recording, low battery, etc.
Squid Light – When enabled, Spydro will generate a unique lighting sequence attract squid attention.
FW Updates – Spydro Firmware can be upgraded, so users can get the latest improvements and features.


Spydro Fishing Camera UK Spec
  • Supported HD modes: 1080p@30FPS | 720p@60FPS | 720p@30FPS
  • Battery life: ~3.5 hrs of recording
  • Dimensions: 6′ X 1′ X 1′ (15 cm X 3 cm X 3 cm)
  • Weight: 3.1 oz. (90 gr)
  • Built-in SD Card: 32GB
  • WiFi range: up to 260 ft. (80m)


1. Connect to Spydro WIFI with the PC

2. Open VLC player – can be downloaded here :


3. open the following URL:







View or download a product manual here

1. What if there is no connection/internet/satellite service at sea, how can I connect to Spydro?
Spydro is a Wi-Fi hot spot. Simply put, Spydro creates a Wi-Fi connection that you connect to with a mobile device.
Through this connection Spydro sends you videos, notifications and live stream footage. There is no need for any service or satellite connection.

2. Do I need to edit my catch videos before sharing them?
No, there is no need to edit long underwater footage anymore!
Spydro is a smart fishing camera that, through its many smart sensors, detects fishing bites that might occur and begins recording (along with the addition of the 10 seconds previous to the bite). These videos are then transmitted to your phone for instant viewing and sharing.

Though, if you wish, Spydro has a mode allowing it constantly record. It’s a simple tap of the button on your phone to change between the many modes.

3. Does Spydro Livestream from underwater?
Unfortunately, no. Wi-Fi doesn’t work underwater. Instead, Spydro transmits the short action videos it captures to your mobile device as soon as it resurfaces.
So as you reel in, or change lures/bait you can learn from the videos Spydro just captured.

Though, Spydro can transmit live video to your mobile device if you use Spydro as a float/bobber. This allows you to get a live, bird’s eyed view of your fishing environment.

4. What happens if the line breaks?
To avoid this, use a heavier fishing line to connect Spydro’s tail to your rod, and a thinner leader from Spydro’s front to your lure/bait. This will ensure higher chances of the leader breaking instead of your main line, and thus keeping Spydro attached.

Also Spydro, if not accessorized with heavy weights, floats to the surface. So in the case of both lines snapping, it’s a matter of picking Spydro up from the water.

5. How many hours of recording can be saved on Spydro?
The unit comes with 32GB memory card that can store up to 8 hours of high resolution video

6. How do I turn Spydro on/off without any buttons?
Spydro turns on with the detection of water on its top sensor, it turns off when it’s out of the water so you never forgets to turn it on nor off.
In addition you can always turn off Spydro with a tap of a button on the Spydro mobile app.

7. What is the battery life on Spydro?
Spydro’s battery last 3.5 hours on a single charge

8. How deep can Spydro go?
Spydro’s maximum tested depth is 450 Feet

9. How far from my Lure should I place Spydro on my fishing line?
Normally Spydro is placed 2-5 feet from your Lure, on your line.