Spry+ Acro Controller

First of all it must be noted that the acro version of the Spry+ is for experienced flyers only!
Warranty does not cover flights whilst in ACRO mode

The Spry+ Acro remote controller is a waterproof remote controller with integrated FPV screen and racing-mode throttle for precise pilot control.

With the advanced ACRO mode firmware loaded onto the Spry, the Acro remote controller greatly enhances the control experience for a more absolute feel.

For most consumer drones, the throttle is spring-loaded to return to the centre hover position. With the Spry+ Acro controller the throttle will remain wherever the pilot likes – just like a racing drone. This allows the pilot to more accurately control the drone’s attitude and response for a smoother, more exciting flying or filming experience.

Waterproof Racing Drone


In non-Acro flight modes, the drone will behave much like it would with the standard remote controller, with the following exceptions:

  1. To hover in place, the pilot will need to feather the throttle to the centre position until the drone maintains the desired height. The Throttle value is displayed at the top right of the controller screen (THR). Set the THR value to 50. 
  1. In Follow mode, as the height of the aircraft is managed by the drone, the throttle is not active.
  1. In Circle mode, the aircraft altitude can be controlled by the throttle.
  1. In Return mode, the throttle will affect the altitude of the drone during the return flight. The drone can only descend to land automatically at the home point if the throttle is in the centre position (THR:50).
  1. Before controlling the drone with the mobile APP, the aircraft must be in GPS mode with the throttle stick centred (THR:50).
  1. In APP control mode, if any joystick is moved the aircraft will immediately exit the current app control state and control returns to the remote controller.
  1. In APP mode, to perform One-Key take-off, the throttle joystick must be centred. If the throttle is lower than the centre position, the aircraft will only unlocked/arm – One-Key take-off is not performed. 

If the throttle is higher than the centre position and One-Key take-off is performed, the aircraft will unlock and will continue to rise until the throttle is returned to the hover position.