Search & Rescue Attachment Promo Video

Waterproof Search & Rescue Video

As the summer draws to a close we dig out all of our groundbased camera equipment and splashdrones, hire a couple of actors and get down to our local beach to film a promotional video for the new SAR2 kit.

The shoot went well with the Splashdrone 3+ as reliable as ever. The first drone precisely released it's payload (a bouyancy aid) to the 'victim' drowning in the sea. The bouyancy aid auto inflates on impact with the water enabling the person drowning to grab it and float. A 2nd splashdrone was also deployed to film all of the aerial action in excellent 4k quality.

This attachment could be an excellent aid for lifeguards, even if they do just use the buoyancy aid to buy them more time to get out to the victim. We timed this typical rescue scenario and had the drone powered off and from a stationery position to the victim within one minute of the lifeguard raising the alarm. You can see the full promotional video here.