South West Water Revolutionise Reservoir Sampling

At Swellpro UK we recently gave South West Water a drone presentation and flight instruction to demonstrate how drones can simplify water sampling by enabling them to easily and safely navigate even the most difficult terrain to collect samples.

Accuracy and effectiveness are critical in the field of water management. One of the UK's top water supply and wastewater company, South West Water, are leading the way in innovation by using our waterproof drones to gather water samples from reservoirs. By improving the timeliness and accuracy of water quality examinations, this innovative method will guarantee the provision of safe and clean water to communities throughout the region.

Water sampling at reservoirs was traditionally done by hand using labour-intensive, time-consuming, and occasionally dangerous procedures. South West Water are now transforming this procedure by utilising technology.

Our more advanced water sampling kit has sophisticated sensors and imaging capabilities providing instant insights into water quality parameters such as temperature, pH levels, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen and send back live real time data back to a command station.