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Spry Optical Glass Dome
Replacement Glass Dome
Spry 2 Blade Propeller Set
Specially made for SpryExcellent performanceLightweight and durableEasy to mount and detach Diameter × Thread: 6.0...
Spry 2800mAh LiHV battery
Extended flight times (17 Minutes) Low battery alarm Capacity: 2800 mAh Energy:33.88 Wh We can...
Splashdrone 3+ High Voltage Battery
Product Description The new 4S High-Voltage battery (4S-LiHV) is specially designed for SplashDrone 3/3+, which has perfect...
Balance Charger For Splashdrone 3+ New High Voltage Battery (4S-LiHV)
Product Description The new 4S High-Voltage battery charger is specially designed for SplashDrone 3+ new High-Voltage battery (4S-LiHV)...
Waterproof 4K 3 Axis Gimbal Camera For Splashdrone 3/3+
Overview A completely new waterproof 3 axis gimbal 4k camera that is one of the...
£792.00 £673.00
Drone Power 45K Charger Bank
Product Description Drone Power 45K The World’s Largest Capacity Drone Power Bank One Stone for...
Replacement GPS Top Cover With GPS Module
Product Description This is a replacement GPS module and cover for Splash Drone 3/3+ for...
Splash Drone Carry Case
Product Description Compact and Portable Carry Bag For Splash Drone 3/3+ Only.
620KV Waterproof Motor for SplashDrone 3/3+
Product Description The 620kv Waterproof Brushless Motor is specially designed for SplashDrone 3+ with strong power,...
5.8 GHZ Panel Antenna For Splash Drone 3/3+ Controller
Product Description 5.8 GHZ panel antenna for splash drone 3+ effective surface. Improve range of...
Swellpro S3 Goggle FPV Glasses
Overview Lightweight, powerful and immersive. S3 Goggles First-Person-View (FPV) puts you in the cockpit of...

Vaspba RPS & SwellPro UK

We are the official UK distributors for the SwellPro range. All weather drones that are fully waterproof and buoyant, packed with new and exciting features. We operate under the trading name Vaspba RPS. If you are interested in waterproof drone hire services please see our drone services site www.vaspba.co.uk