The versatile Splashdrone 3 & 3+ can accommodate a range of payload modules. Simple to quickly change between a payload with a release system or a payload with professional camera capabilities.
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Waterproof Drone Search & Rescue Attachment With PL4
Overview Designed for lifesaving as well as Search and Rescue operations in low-light conditions, the...
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Waterproof Drone Payload Release Module (PL1)
 Product Description 1. Can be used to carry long fishing line and drop baits at a...
Waterproof Drone Payload Release Mechanism With HD Camera (PL2)
Product Description With the PL2, people can use SplashDrone 3+ to do airdrop work, like...
Waterproof Drone Payload Release System With HD Camera & Night Lights (PL4)
Overview For low-light and night-time payload release, the PL4 utilizes a high-sensitivity sensor and dual...
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4K Camera And 2 Axis Gimbal Waterproof Module
Product Description   1. Fully waterproof 4K camera, with integrated 2-axis gimbal provides you the...
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SD3+ Troll Safe
Overview   Trolling and safety bait release. An adjustable tension release system for SwellPro Splashdrone...
Wireless Megaphone For SD3+
Overview The HHQ wireless megaphone from SwellPro gets your message to where it needs to...