The versatile Splashdrone 3 & 3+ can accommodate a range of payload modules. Simple to quickly change between a payload with a release system or a payload with professional camera capabilities.
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Waterproof 4K 3 Axis Gimbal Camera For Splashdrone 3/3+
Overview A completely new waterproof 3 axis gimbal 4k camera that is one of the...
£745.00 £633.25
Waterproof Drone Search & Rescue Attachment With PL4
Overview Designed for lifesaving as well as Search and Rescue operations in low-light conditions, the...
£795.00 £675.75
Waterproof Drone Payload Release Module (PL1)
 Product Description 1. Can be used to carry long fishing line and drop baits at a...
£45.00 £38.25
Waterproof Drone Payload Release Mechanism With HD Camera (PL2)
Product Description With the PL2, people can use SplashDrone 3+ to do airdrop work, like...
£155.00 £131.75
Waterproof Drone Payload Release Module With Stabilization, 1 Axis Gimbal And Full HD Camera (PL3)
Product Description 100% waterproof Payload Release System, incorporating a one-axis gimbal, with a full HD...
£355.00 £301.75
Waterproof Drone Payload Release System With HD Camera & Night Lights (PL4)
Overview For low-light and night-time payload release, the PL4 utilizes a high-sensitivity sensor and dual...
£745.00 £633.25
4K Camera And 2 Axis Gimbal Waterproof Module
Product Description   1. Fully waterproof 4K camera, with integrated 2-axis gimbal provides you the...
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Troll Safe
Overview   Trolling and safety bait release. An adjustable tension release system for SwellPro Splashdrone...
£30.00 £25.50
Wireless Megaphone For SD3+
Overview The HHQ wireless megaphone from SwellPro gets your message to where it needs to...
£705.00 £599.25