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Spry+ Waterproof Sports Drone
Overview Waterproof Aircraft This product is now out of stock, keep an eye out here...
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Spry+ Shell Only
Overview Empty shell for the Spry+ complete with glass dome.Spry+ screw set available seperately here
Spry+ 3600mAh LiHV battery
Overview Extended flight times (17 Minutes) Low battery alarm Capacity: 3600 mAh Energy:33.88 Wh Specifications...
Spry+ GPS Module
Easy to replace GPS Module unit. For use on the Spry + (please note picture...
Spry+ Optical Glass Dome
Overview Replacement Glass Dome
Spry+ Rucksack Back Straps
Overview Back straps that can be used with the Spry+ Case. Making transportation even easier.
Spry+ Trollsafe
Overview Spry Plus TrollSafe is an adjustable tension release device. The tension range of automatic...
Spry+ Performance Propellers
Overview Specially designed three blade propellers for the Spry+. These props are compact, lightweight and...
Spry+ Screw Set
Overview Screw set for Spry+ Drone
Spry+ Two Blade Propeller Set
Overview Specially made for SpryExcellent performanceLightweight and durableEasy to mount and detach Diameter × Thread:...
Spry+ Charging Cable
Overview Charging Cable For Spry + Battery Charger