Spry+ Trollsafe

Spry+ Trollsafe

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Spry + Lure Fishing

Spry Plus TrollSafe is an adjustable tension release device. The tension range of automatic release is 150 ~ 220g
(Spry / Spry Plus maximum safe hanging weight is 100g)
This can be adjusted freely. It is easy to install, used in combination with S
pry Plus and is specially used for fishing in offshore, rivers, lakes and other environments.

 Spry+ Trollsafe Part

With the high resolution image system of the Spry Plus, you can watch the fishing process in real time and take amazing photos or record videos at the same time. Taking you to a new fishing experience.

 Spry+ Trollsafe Fun

Lure fishing
By controlling the direction and speed of Spry Plus, the baits in the water can take on many kinds of forms, such as fleeing and struggling, and then attract the target fish to attack.

Hovering fishing
Hover in the air and wait for the fish to seize. When the fish reaches a certain pulling force after seizing the bait, the TrollSafe will automatically release the fishing line, and Spry Plus can return safely.

Long range baiting
It can be quickly baited to the target position in a long-distance, and the fast baiting can be realised by pulling the fishing line forcibly, at the same time, the baiting area can be greatly expanded.

Spry Trollsafe Uses

Size: 27.5 * 17.0 * 10.0 mm; Weight: 8.5g Fish line specification: recommended wire diameter 0.5-0.77mm, bigger line, bigger tention. Safe carry weight: less than or equal to 100g. Compatibility: Spry / Spry Plus