Southampton Boat Show

Swellpro Uk At Boat Show

2019 and our 2nd year at the prestigous Southampton Boat Show event. The show was a success with naturally alot of interest in our product. Kids, mums, dads, businesses and pensioners alike were all fascinated with the idea of a drone floating in a rather large fish tank.

This year we had the SAR2 attachment alongside the Spry as our show debut products. We had all of the SD3+ payloads on view for potential customers to touch, feel and have a much closer look at. With the S3 & S2 goggles, the powerbank, and FREE Swellpro selfie sticks, baseball caps and polo shirts also on offer we had plenty to see!

We also displayed an exciting new product which is now compatible with the SD3+. A tether system that will enable a flight time of hours rather than minutes. More on that product will be announced here soon.