FFD Fish Finder

FFD Fish Finder

For The Splashdrone 4.

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The first and only wireless sonar fish finder that sends sonar images to its companion mobile APP instantly through the signal bridge of the Splashdrone 4.

Sit & relax at the shore and let the FFD give you detailed images of fish and data of underwater terrains. The fish finder can be automatically switched on when it touches water.


Dronar 01 (Fish Finder)
Depth Range Max: 120 feet (40 m)
Depth Range Min: 2 feet (0.6 m)
Sonar Frequency: 125 kHz Single Beam
Cone Angle: 30°
Audible Alarms: Fish, Depth, Low Battery
Working Temperture: -20℃- 80℃
Transmission Distance: 10 m with phone; 3km with drone
Interface: Dronar APP
Battery: 3600 mAh, 11.1 V; 39.96 Wh
Connection: 5Ghz Wi-Fi