MP1 Megaphone
MP1 Megaphone
MP1 Megaphone
MP1 Megaphone
MP1 Megaphone

MP1 Megaphone

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Waterproof Drone Megaphone


The MP1 is a megaphone for SplashDrone 4 that can deliver clear audio ...
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Swellpro Drone Shop

Waterproof Drone Megaphone


The MP1 is a megaphone for SplashDrone 4 that can deliver clear audio messages to a large crowd or someone outside over a distance of up to 5 km. The new aerial-audio-amplification system is built to skyrocket the work efficiency in industries like public safety management and emergency situation management.


5 km Operation Range


Integrated with the MultiSync technology of SplashDrone 4, the MP1 megaphone can get your message from your phone to where the drone is up to 5 km away. With fast flight speed, the SplashDrone 4 can fly up to1 km away in just 1 minute.

300 m Sound Range


MP1 megaphone can play sound at up to 120 decibels, ensuring the message can be heard by people up to 300 m away from the drone. 

All Weather Broadcasting


Both SplashDrone 4 and MP1 can resist heavy rain and storms so that your missions won’t be affected by bad weather.

Broadcasting Mission Planning


SplashDrone 4 can automatically fly to one waypoint or several you’ve set on the APP’s map and then play pre-recorded messages at the same time.

Live or Recorded Message


MP1 allows for a live audio feed or play pre-recorded messages that can be repeated from the APP.

High Fidelity


In contrast to plastic, the full aluminum cone of MP1 will boost sound volume with a higher accuracy of sound reproduction. This allows your audience to pick up more details with less noise.

Multiple Payload Integration


SplashDrone 4 can carry a gimbal camera or a release mechanism in conjunction with the MP1 megaphone to enable more capabilities from one device.

Real-time Monitoring


The camera on the SplashDrone 4 can stream high resolution video back to your phone from up to 5 km away, ensuring that the pilot can correctly position the relevant audience for immediate and effective communication.


Industry Solutions


Search & Rescue


Get an overview of the whole disaster scene and lead the rescue team to the locations of victims in a timely fashion.

Crowd Control


Fly to a disaster scene in no time and give amplified instructions to people for crowd evacuations.

Traffic Control


Get on-ground situational awareness in case of emergencies like road accidents  and provide guidance to pedestrians and vehicles to reduce traffic buildups.


Spec Sheet
Material: Aluminium
Waterproof Rating IP66
Weight 570g

3.93’’ (length), 3.81’’ (diameter)

Audio Power:

5 W

Audible Range


Operation Range


Operation Time

135 Minutes

Battery Capacity

1500 mAh

Working Temperature

-20℃ ~ 70℃




I enquired about the fishing drone and swellpro uk were very helpful
with all of my enquiries. When I finally purchased the FD1 it arrived
within a couple of days and I took it out straight away. I can now cast
my line out 500 metres and catch much bigger fish! I might purchase the
fish finder next

Russell McDonald
Stockport, UK

Excellent Drone
I bought the Splashdrone 4 to capture footage of me
and my family whilst out on our boat. The fact its waterproof means I no
longer have to worry if it goes in the water. I'll even drop it in the
water to get underwater footage and then fly it right back to the boat.
Excellent camera and can shoot RAW photos so I can really create some
brilliant pictures. Thanks Swellpro UK

Sean Leach

Returned my SD4 for a service and firmware update as was not
confident my computer was up to doing it properly
Check over in the workshop fully updated and tested very reasonable
Many thanks highly recommended thank you swell pro uk

Stephen Williams
United Kingdom

Cracked my Spry+ lens cover in a dodgy landing. Job stopped. Replacement arrived next day.
Excellent service. Thanks.

Davud Rainsbury
United Kingdom

Swellpro UK

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