MRC Remote Controller

MRC Remote Controller

For The Splashdrone 4.

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Fully waterproof IP66-rated multifunction remote controller

The SwellPro SD4 remote controller has been carefully designed to provide worry free operation in harsh environments whilst remaining easy to use. Its IP66 rating ensures that it is protected from strong jets of water as well as sand and debris.

Built-In High-Quality Battery

An integrated SONY battery provides a maintenance-free power solution for the remote controller and up to 8 hours of battery life or 12 flights per charge.

Considered Design

All aspects of the new SD4 remote control have been refined and considered. The layout provides intuitive control of all aircraft features while the milled aluminum smart phone bracket ensures that your attached device is secure and can be easily adjusted to the optimum angle for viewing. In addition to audible alarms, the remote controller also vibrates to warn the pilot of issues.

Digital Telemetry Display

The integrated high-brightness 2-inch digital display provides critical aircraft telemetry and flight data giving the pilot real-time aircraft status even when flying without a tablet or phone attached.

Wi-Fi Multi-Point Hotspot

To ensure waterproofing of the remote controller and connected devices, the SD4 remote controller can provide a high-speed WiFi connection rather than cabled. A pioneering design allows multiple devices to be connected simultaneously, allowing different apps and devices to be used at the same time during flight.

Built-in GPS

The remote controller’s built-in GPS module allows the SD4 to include the pilot’s precise location in its flight calculations, enabling real-time tracking and dynamic return-home functions, such as returning to a moving boat.

Innovative flight controls

The patented "Smooth+" flight dials allow the pilot to switch from joystick control of the roll and yaw to a dial to finely adjust and maintain a desired altitude. Whether filming or surveying, with Smooth+ the pilot can “dial-in” just the right amount of aircraft movement to achieve and maintain smooth pans, orbits and sweeps - hands-free!

Remote Controller (MRC)
Waterproof Rating: IP66
Operating Frequency: 5180 - 5875 MHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP) FCC/IC: ≤ 24 dBm
CE/SRRC/MIC: ≤ 20 dBm
Real-time Video Transmission 720P@30fps
Latency 200 ms (Dependant on actual shooting environment and mobile devices)
Battery 2S 3600mAh
Working Time: 7 hours
Working Current/Voltage: 0.3A/7.4V
Ethernet Port IP:
Wi-Fi Hotspot IP: 2020; Default password: 12345678
Mobile Device Mount: Suitable for any size phones;
Tablets require larger mount(sold separately)
Screen 2.68 inch, 128x64
Working Temperature -10℃ - 40℃
Remote Charging time: 3 hours
Power Input: 5V/2A